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Inferno Chronicles (A Fiesta Story)

Hey guys! I started writing a book about fiesta. Most of it is true. Some of it I just went all out and exaggerated on xD! Anyway enjoy!

Hello, I’m Inferno, a popular mage in Cypion. This is a story about the clash between joy and pain, peace and war, and love and hate. Oh and also how a got the nickname Inferno. :P Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Slimes
“What? Where am I?” I can’t remember exactly how I got here. I feel like I just appeared. I shook my head, discombobulated; I started to wander around this mysterious place. It seemed new and almost looked like paradise. The sky was completely blue, and the 10 mile long island was surrounded by a vast, wrinkled, ocean. The sound of the water brushing against the island was so relaxing. I almost dozed off.
“Hello!” said a voice from a distance.
“Hello?” I yelled back.
“My name is Remi!” she replied, “Come over here new adventurer”
I walked slowly towards her. Her hair was golden and she wore an old outfit from the 1800’s with a welcoming smile.
“Hello young man,” she said. “Welcome to Roumen. What is your name?”
“I don’t know..” I said
“That’s alright, it’s normal for new adventurers entering Isya to have memory loss.”
“Why is that?”
“There are mind wipers placed around Isya just in case people who enter want to leave.”
“Will I ever regain my memory?”
“Yes, go look for Julia. She is up the stairs and should be able to tell you about it.”
“Ok, thanks Remi!” I ran off.
“No problem young man! Come visit later!”
I ran around this island at least 2 times before I actually spotted the stairs. They were huge! I can see how I missed it though. They blended in with the land like a chameleon. I ran up the stairs through the crowd of other people. “Excuse me do you know where Julia is?”
“Hello mister! Are you looking for me?” A small girl by a town house asked.
“Oh yes, I was looking for you. Are you Julia?” I said.
“Uh- huh!” she exclaimed. Twirling around and jumping up and down with her blue hair and 2 pony tails sticking out each end. She had a blue dress with pink sleeves.
“Hey you seem real young,” I said.
“I’m 8,” she said. “What do you need me for?”
“Remi told me to ask you about my memory, I feel like I just appeared here and I have no knowledge of my name or my age.”
“Hmmm… I know exactly what will help,” Julia revved up some concoction with many ingredients.”
“What will this do?”
“Drink it.”
“Ok.” I took the mixture of objects and gulped it all down.
O.O OH THAT TASTES LIKE MY LITTLE SISTER’S HAIR! … Wait a second. I remember everything now. I came to this island after leaving home and sailing off looking for adventure! I can remember my age and everything. My name is Akito Kazu. I am 15 years old. I have a little sister and 1 big sister. My mom and dad are supposed to be here too!
“How do you feel?” she asked
“Wow, thanks a lot. I owe you one Julia.”
“Go speak to Grandpa Robin over there,” she advised “He will help you get used to this place.”
“K.” I replied. I went off to talk to Grandpa Robin. I’m hoping I get used to this place. I was walking through the worI gld when someone had caught my eye. Dang! She is cute! She had green shorts and a white tee. She had long blonde hair, and big, sky blue eyes. I was tempted to go after her but I chose not to and I went to see Grandpa Robin first. I went over to Mr. Robin.
“Excuse me sir,” I said
“Hello young adventurer, what would your name be?”
“My name is Akito Kazu”
“Interesting name Akito. I am Robin. But you can just call me grandpa.”
“Ok grandpa. Julia sent me here to learn more about this place.”
“There is much more to learn than just about this place.”
“Really? What else should I know?”
“Well first of all you should know that you are a mage.”
“Really? How did you know?”
“I have my own ways... anyway, since you are a mage, you should look for a mage sensei. He can teach you about the mage ways and spells. But there is one you should already know. Magic Missile.”
“Magic what now?”
“Never mind then. If you don’t know that spell, you should probably seek out your master as soon as possible.”
“Oh… ok.” This guy must be crazy. A mage? Magic missile? What the hell?
“I am not crazy boy!”
“Whoa.” Did he understand what I was thinking?
“Yes I did Inferno. You have some nerve doubting your elders.”
“I am so sorry.” I bowed. If he can read minds than I guess he must know what he is talking about.
“You should also know that this whole continent is called Isya. And you are in Roumen right now.”
“Wow how big is this continent?”
“Very. I need you to fight some slimes and mushrooms.”
“What are slimes? And how do you fight a mushroom? Aren’t they fungi?”
“Not these ones. I think they are spiritually enchanted by someone far stronger.”
“Ok…” I’m not really catching on.
“Let me dumb it down then.” He said after reading my thoughts like an open book. “They are being controlled by someone else.”
“Oh ok I understand now.”
“Here, take this.” He said handing me a wooden staff. “Use this to beat those slimes and mushrooms.”
“Ok,” I said. And with that I was off.

I wandered around the island until I was in an open forest with trees and grass with flowers on every other end. In the middle of this forest, I saw a whole army of globs of purple slime on a rubber tire. They had big, white eyes with very creepy smiles on their faces. I guess these are the slimes…
I ran over to one of them and struck them in the back of its head with my staff. The slime quickly turned around and stared deep into my soul with those giant white eyes. It threw itself against me. The sheer weight of it was almost enough to knock me off my feet. Ouch! That hurt like heck! I hit him with my staff again, this time on the side of the face. It once again threw its body against me. This time I was prepared for the impact and I blocked it with my staff. I was safe but the staff almost flew out my hands. I could tell I already gained more experience.
“Oh my god!” it exclaimed. “You blocked my spectacular, extra menacing, amazing body slam attack!”
“Your what?” I asked
“No matter,” it said. “SLIMES ATTACK!”
A whole army of slimes cam running at me and started to throw their bodies against me. My bones felt like they were all broken and the slimes were still jumping on me. I was on the ground, blood coming out of my mouth. I started to lose consciousness and the pain was unbearable. Before I faded away, I heard yelling of other people and a blast of some sort of magical aura come right above me, hitting the slimes away. That old man… did he know this was going to happen?

That's all of chapter 1 guys! I hope you liked it. Please tell me!
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Nice story
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I'm posting the next chapter soon.
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Ok guys here it is!
Chapter 2: Tale of Isya
I woke up in a room with my arms and whole body wrapped up. I tried to get up and look around but I felt something crack and fell back into the pillow and sheet that I woke up on.
“You shouldn’t push yourself.” Said a voice from the other side of the room.
“Who are you? I asked.
“My name? Hmm I wonder…”
“Come on what’s your name?”
“You don’t need to know mage.”
“At least show me your face.”
“Turn your lazy head around,” she said irritated, “Maybe then you’ll be able to see my face.”
I turned around and saw a female cleric with metal armor and a holy looking shield.
“Whoa,” I exclaimed. “Looking at her in disbelief.”
A figure walked into the room from outside. Is that? Is that my dad? It has to be. He had the same red hairstyle, the tattoos, and I could never forget the shades.
“Hello son,” he said amiably “How have you been? You took quite a beating from those slimes.”
“I can’t believe I was defeated by SLIMES! Grandpa said something about them being one of the weakest monsters.”
“It’s ok son. You were bombarded by over 50 slimes. There was no way anyone could beat all of them without getting at least a couple bruises. Except for of course… the guardian magi.”
“The guardian what?” Dad walked towards me and sat beside me.
“I’ll tell you the story about how Isya came to be… The universe was born in a sea of darkness and chaos. This primal force called itself Legel, and embodied both creation and destruction. Legel's ever churning forces gave birth to a myriad of worlds and creatures both great and small. Many creations were quickly snuffed out by the very force that made them, but there were areas of temporary calm. It was in one such peaceful location that the Goddess Teva and the world of Isya were born. Like many before her, Teva was a being of tremendous power. She reveled in the power given to her by Legel, however temporary it might be. She was fully prepared to accept the inevitability of her own destruction at the hands of the very thing that created her. But before this could happen, Teva looked down upon the world that had been born at the same time as she and saw a variety of new life on its surface. She saw many brutal and vile creatures upon this world, but also something else. She saw children playing and animals nurturing and protecting their young. There were two species in particular that caught her eye. These species called themselves Humans, and Elves. What made them so remarkable was the fact that they continued to struggle even against all odds, even when most animals would have surrendered. They were frail compared to many other species on the new planet and should not have survived. But soon Teva began to see some of their virtues. She saw their kindness, their self sacrifice, but most of all something else she couldn't understand. Something kept them holding on even when circumstances were dire. Something made them fight on, even though there was no reason to believe in the future. These creatures called it 'hope'. What was this hope these creatures held onto so desperately? How could such an indescribable, intangible feeling give them strength? How could it drive them to persevere against tremendous odds? Teva wanted to know more; she NEEDED to know more. But Legel had other plans. Teva saw the bubble of calm surrounding both her and this strange world begin to collapse. Legel had come to reclaim what he had made, as he had done for eons. Teva decided she couldn't let this happen. Not this time; not until she understood this 'hope'. Teva used the power granted her by Legel in an attempt to hold back the forces threatened to destroy her and Isya. But those efforts were in vain. Teva felt herself becoming consumed by Legel. She felt exasperation. Fear and uncertainty gripped her heart. Teva knew she couldn't possibly resist the awesome power of Legel. Teva decided to take one last look at the world that was born with her and the strange species that possessed a strength she seemed to lack. Teva saw the people of the world looking up to her, seeing her attempts to save them. Once again, these creatures astounded her. For the first time Teva noticed they felt the fear that gripped her. It was a feeling of uncertainty. Was it always there? Did she somehow miss it? Or did its tight grip on her help her see it within others for the first time? Despite the uncertainty, the Humans and Elves held onto their hope. Teva saw they wouldn't give up, even with Legel's awesome power threatening to crash down upon them. They hoped for something to save them. It somehow gave them the power to make it through one more day. Then Teva realized something else. The Humans and Elves were looking to her for hope; they wanted her to be the light capable of giving them a reason to look forward to a promising future. For the first time in Teva's existence, she understood what hope was. She knew what it meant and why it gave these species such strength. Why they never gave up. With a new found light within her, Teva pushed back against the darkness with renewed strength. She felt Legel lose ground ever so slightly. But it was enough. That small victory filled Teva with greater strength. She pushed harder, and every time Teva felt Legel back away a little more. Legel couldn't believe what was happening. Something he created should stand no chance against his awesome might. Teva was not only resisting him; she was winning. Legel knew he was in a losing battle and began to fragment himself. Turning to pieces, Legel created many more beings like Teva. These became the gods. Markis was the first god born of this fragmenting; Legel imbued him with powers of destruction. Pagel was next; Legel gifted him with greed. The goddess Apoline followed with the power of desire. Next was Anis, gifted with Legel's strength. Bijou was given Legel's power of creation. Last came Nik, imbued with the power of Darkness. As each god was born, Legel gave them a desire to reunite and once again make it whole. But Legel kept the greatest power for himself however. The power of Chaos. Teva saw this happening but could do nothing, as she was completely focused on the battle with Legel. But Legel became extremely weak in the fragmentation process; so weak, in fact, that with a single mammoth effort Teva managed to seal Legel and the power of Chaos away. She buried the sealed God deep within the world of Isya. In a way it seemed fitting to her that Legel be imprisoned upon the very world which helped Teva defeat him. Teva then introduced herself to the inhabitants of the world she just saved. They thanked and praised her, calling her the Goddess of Hope.”
“Hello son, were you even listening? This is a story that was passed down from generations and I memorized it word for word!”
“Yes, I did dad.” I said “But what does this have to do with the guardian Magi?”
“Everything now let us continue…”
After my dad was done explaining everything about this place and how I got here. I knew my quest and what I must do. Become a powerful wizard and protect Isya from its demons.
“So who is the girl?” I asked.
“She’s my friend. The one that revived you.”
“Oh what’s her name?”
“Hey! You are trying to get his name from me huh? Well good luck. He won’t tell you!” the girl said.
“Her name is Asuka.” He said, ignoring her.
“YOU TOLD HIM MY NAME! TRAITOOORRRR!” wide eyed, she pointed a finger at him.
“What’s wrong with Akito knowing your name?”
“Hmph.” She replied, turning her head away. Her long blue hair swaying in the movement of her head.
“Get some rest son. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.”
“Yeah…” I closed my eyes and it only took me 10 seconds to fall asleep. It was quicker than usual. I guess the damage wasn’t just short term.

How did you like it? That is all of chapter 2. The tale of Isya I got from the outspark fiesta story. Had to include it! xD
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Bump o:
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Is you wanted to post a fanfic, why don't you post it on the Outspark site? They have a section there specifically for things like this.
I've written one as well, link is in my Sig.

Link to the Fanfic Section:
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