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The first Path of Exile may continue to provide

Path of Exile 2's Campaign Bosses Are a Huge Promise the Game Shouldn't Break

Recently showcased at ExileCon 2023, Path of Exile 2 is set to potentially raise the bar for the ARPG genre as a whole when it enters closed beta in June 2024. The follow-up to the ever-popular original by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile 2 seems poised to elevate every aspect of a formula that the studio has spent years refining across a multitude of updates, but one particular promise made by the developer has already captured the imagination of fans.

At times considered a disappointment to some fans of the series, Diablo 4’s performance as the latest entry in what is widely considered the parent series of ARPGs has been representative of the genre’s current status. An alternative to Diablo since its inception nearly a decade ago, the first Path of Exile has become a popular alternative for players of the latest Blizzard title due in no small part to its stacked roster of boss battles. Path of Exile 2 is aiming to innovate the genre’s gameplay in several key ways, but the sheer amount of bosses that have been confirmed for the sequel is unprecedented.

Path of Exile's Bosses Have Always Been a Major Focus

Still played and set to be supported well into the future, the first Path of Exile already contains a strong suite of memorable boss encounters across its 10 Acts of content. Continued challenge content has allowed players to make the most out of repeating the same battles with new twists, a primary focus of the endgame that is so crucial to a healthy ARPG. Paired with ambitious concepts such as its massive skill tree, Path of Exile’s existing boss variety shows Grinding Gear’s ability to deliver.

Often compared to the offerings of the free-to-play Path of Exile, Diablo 4 has been criticized for its own lack of variation between bosses and their replayability. Fighting the most powerful Echo of Lilith form, known as Uber Lilith in Diablo 4, is often considered to be what the endgame experience of Diablo can feel reduced to, a prime example of the value that bosses carry in the genre. Some fans have even entertained the concept that Path of Exile 2 has a chance to become the top ARPG title given the current context of the industry, but the game’s 100 boss fights remain yet unseen.

Path of Exile 2's Boss Variety Could Be Groundbreaking

The first Path of Exile may continue to provide a lot of content between its main Act bosses and beyond, but 100 unique encounters, to begin with, will easily surpass any game that has come before. If the sequel can maintain the quality the first is known for while keeping its boss encounters distinct from one another despite their quantity, Path of Exile 2's beta could mark an entire evolution of the ARPG genre's capabilities.

Their sheer number would be unrivaled, but the bosses of Path of Exile 2 are still a distant prospect considering the game's closed beta still won't be coming for nearly a year. Given the hopeful tone of Grinding Gear's confirmation of concurrent expansion releases across the sequel and original entry in the series, however, it can be expected that Path of Exile 2 will continue to be updated with even more content following its eventual release. With the potential to incorporate even more encounters after its initial 100 bosses confirmed at ExileCon, more fights like Zicoatl, Warden of the Core are sure to only increase the hype surrounding the standalone Path of Exile 2. If you want to have better equipment and items, the POE coins obtained through the game are not enough, and will consume a lot of your time. So you can go to to buy, which allows you to have a large amount of POE coins in a short period of time.
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Is the release date June 7, 2024 official?
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