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walkernite 02-15-2013 06:24 PM

Need build help
I'm making a level 46 perm trickster but i have no build for it. any ideas for what the best build will be? Also one more question a little less related to this how often is the spawn of ggk after each death?

TonTon49O 04-29-2013 06:53 PM

Hey Walker :D I would personally choose a dex-str(str or end) build. Because dex is OP and makes u pretty much invincible if you stack it enough! :D and it would totally suck as trix not to be able to hit with ur big attacks! And str or end for some base power in just some stat other than dex, because you have to be able to either kill your enemy before they kill you, or just live long enough for them, not to be able to kill you before you stack your souls and smack them...

Im sorry but i know nothing about GGK, cant help u with that one... :(

this is my suggestion of a build. I mainly say "dex" because i know good dex-builds can hit 100% of all attacks and dogde like 70% of non dex-builders attacks, if it is stacked properly unno! Hope this helped.. good luck making the perm :D

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